5 Yoga Stretches for Back Pain

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.02.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.02.08 PM


If you can recall from an earlier post I discussed transferring to a new location for my job. In addition to changing locations I also changed job titles. My new role requires me to stand a bit more and because my body isn’t use to that I’ve had some back pains.

I really respect Yoga and all that can be achieved with it so I looked up some stretches and positions that can help with back pain. Here I list the five I have actually tried. *I’m not a Yoga professional, teacher, or guru. I’m someone with back pain who found a remedy and is sharing it with her readers… cool?

If you guys have back pains and can recommend anything else for me to try it would be greatly appreciated. I can’t live like this… I need to relieve or fix the pain. Thank You!

FullSizeRender-391ST STRETCH
This is the called the “Modified Cobra”. Lay on your stomach with your forehead on the mat. Place your arms right against your body with elbows by your ribs and hands by your neck/chin. Push up so that your chest is no longer on the ground and keep your gaze down so that you neck stays elongated. Count to 10 and then repeat.


This is called “Child’s Pose”. From modified cobra push back and sit on your heels. Keep you arms extended forward and reach through your finger tips. Try to concentrate on keeping you butt to your heels. This is where you will feel the stretch in your lower back. Hang out in this position for as long as you can and remember to breath.


This is called “Knee to Chest”. Lay flat on your back and bring your legs up to your chest and hug them with your arms. Try to keep you entire back flat on the floor and neck elongated. From here rock side to side gently .This massages your spin and any tight muscles in the lower back. Rock for about 15 seconds, rest and then repeat.


This is called “Feet Straight Up”. This is a hard position to explain… but ill try. You want to imitate sitting on the wall in this pose. Have your butt up against the wall with your feet straight up. You can flex and point you feet for increased stretching. This pose relieves stress on the back because your feet are elevated. Stay in this pose for as long as you need.


This is called “Camel Pose”. This stretch is very intense so be careful and only do it if you trust your body. Start on your knees first. Take your left hand and hold onto your left ankle (grab ankle from the side not from overhead/behind. Do the same on the right side. Once you are holding both ankles push your pelvis upwards and release your neck and look behind you. REMEMBER TO BREATH. You may also have to adjust how your holding your ankles and that’s ok. Hold pose for 10 sec. Repeat if needed.

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Really…150 Followers?

I’m currently at work taking part in a week long training session and decided to check my blog notifications randomly and guess what?! I’m at 150 followers to date!

How did this happen? Are there really 150 people who want to read my posts? Unless someone is playing a really bad prank on me I think there are!

Whatever the case THANK YOU to everyone for the support. 150 might mean nothing to those who have 12,456 followers but this is just the beginning for me.

Please continue to share so we can get more people on this wave. 

See you tomorrow with some new content. 

Are you a Girl Boss?

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I am a Girl Boss and I hope you are too.
If you’re not sure read this book, #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso.

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This was an amazing read for me! It couldn’t have stumbled into my Audible account at a better time. I listened to this book instead of physically reading it so I wasn’t able to highlight the many amazing inspirational tips shared by Amoruso but it still left me with a fire that won’t burn out any time soon.

Amoruso keeps it so real in this book. She takes us on her journey with NastyGal from its humble beginnings as an Ebay online store to where it is today! During this journey she shares her mistakes, her downfalls, her reality, and her unexpected but great success.

While listening to the book I couldn’t help but feel like Amoruso wanted us to know that the path to what NastyGal is today was not an easy one and THATS OK. It’s also very clear that if you want to reach any goal you have to make sacrifices, work hard, and be real. Amoruso shared that she didn’t pay herself from NastyGal for a long while. Any profit she made she put it right back into the company and that is how NastyGal was created without any debt. Towards the end of the book she gives GREAT advice on the Do’s and Don’ts for getting a job, writing a resume, and interviewing – again keeping it so real.

If you’re thinking about starting something new or just want a good inspirational read check this book out. I’m kind of upset that I didn’t buy the book just to keep it on my shelf to go back to.




I had an awesome idea about a week ago (about a week ago, week ago!) to start an #askj0blog series. What exactly is this? Well if you have a question about ANYTHING #askj0blog and ill answer it for you! It could be questions about me, about relationships, about food, about my perspective on something… ANYTHING! It will be a weekly post where I respond to all the questions gathered that week.


Questions and Answers:

  1. How can I submit questions?
    You can email them to me at: iamj0ann212@gmail.com (subject field being #askj0blog)
    You can ask on Twitter at: #askj0blog
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  2. Is this anonymous?
    It can be just let me know in your email. If you use my hashtag on IG or Twitter it’s already open to the public so your only option for secrecy is emailing.

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25th Birthday Recap!


I turned 25 on Feb 12th and had an awesome chill time with my girlfriend. I didn’t want to have a huge party because we are planning a move in the near future and saving for that was more important to me. With that being said my girlfriend still went all out. Here is a recap of what she planned!

|P.S. – Thank you so much babe. I had an awesome time
(as you already know) and I’m too blessed to have you in my life.|

I was told to get dressed and be downstairs in 30 mins.
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I got picked up in a 2015 all white Buick LaCrosse.
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We had dinner at STK Midtown and it was BOMB.

We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Rye Brook for the night w/ a bottle.

The next day she took me to get a massage at The Red Door Spa
and got French Macarons after (my favorite).
FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-17

To end the day we got some “real food” at Brother Jimmy’s.
FullSizeRender-18 FullSizeRender-16 FullSizeRender-10

Lastly I got a Calvin Klein set I’ve been dying for.
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Hope you enjoyed my 25th Birthday recap!

Why I’ve been MIA for a few…


Hello my loves,

First, I am very sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a few days. I was taking a small break to enjoy my 25th birthday and Valentines day. Sometimes we all need to stop our regularly scheduled programs to enjoy some “me” time. I enjoyed myself and now I am ready to give you all some amazing posts moving forward.

FullSizeRender-4I recently transferred to another location for my job and with the new schedule I have I need to change my posting days around a little. I’m not 100% sold on these days yet but it looks like my new schedule will be Tuesday – Thursday – Sunday. I want to be able to put out new content at least 3 times a week and for now this scheduling works but it may change in the future.

Love j0
Do you have any topic suggestions for me?

A Valentines Meditation


I’ll be trying this!!!

Originally posted on From Stillness:

This makes a great 30 minute meditation or even longer. Try the whole thing or just parts of it. Take some time tonight to love yourself with this meditation. We put much thought into how we treat others, but sometimes forget about ourselves. This is great way to start at the source.

Do you have a hot date tonight? Do this with your partner. Or google “eye-gazing” and do that for ten or fifteen minutes.

Bring your love for yourself and others to the next level.

(Do not do this while driving please!) .

Take a few minutes just to follow the sensations of your breathing.

Focus on your heart chakra area.

See bright light coming in each breath and filling and expanding in your heart. Continue to do this letting warmth fill your chest.

Then do a body scan, very slowly, from the top of your…

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I’m a Quarter of a Century Today!

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That’s right today I am twenty-five years young. I’m extremely happy to have made it to this day healthy, happy, able, and enlightened. My goals for my twenty-fifth year of life go hand in hand with my new years resolutions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.45.36 PM

I plan to live my life and do whatever it is that makes me happy in that moment and to not regret anything. For too long I have followed the rules and lived majority of my life making everyone else happy…that ended January 1st 2015. I’m done yearning for approval and acceptance. I accept myself and I approve my decisions. 

Even though it has only been a month and a half into the new year I already feel a weight lifted from my shoulders because of my new decisions. Do you know how hard it is to worry about everyone else AND yourself? I’m sure a lot of us do because we haven’t realized the value in making ourselves happy first. Anyway, enough of my preaching to you guys about self-love LOL. I’m off to enjoy my day, till we meet again on another post!

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Love j0