Lipsticks that stuck


I’m not really a makeup person but I dabble here and there. It’s not because I have perfect skin or anything, far from it, it’s just that I’m lazy. I’ll go all out if I’m attending a party or an event but just to go to work or leave the house you better believe I’m walking out looking like a naked mole rat. With that being said, there are a few lipsticks that are apart of “my collection” that have stuck by me time and time again.

I prefer the Sephora brand because they are so smooth and conditioning. They don’t last all day but one touch up usually does it for me. I know a lot of people love a matte lip, and I do too, but there is something about dry lips that I cannot take after a while. I feel like I need to lick them or throw some gloss on it.

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|swatches from left to right|

. Show Stopper: Victoria Secret . Crush: Sephora .
. Courtisane: Sephora . Charmer: Sephora . Ruby Woo: Mac .

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My Tattoo Discrimination

tell 'em

Yes, I get looks from customers at my job when they see my sleeve. The responses I get are surprisingly very supportive. I’m not sure if the customers appreciate the art of it or the idea of it in general. Whatever it is I don’t care, it’s just refreshing to witness positivity towards tattooing.

I wish I could say the same when it came to my mother and father. They do not “like” tattoos and they really do not like that their daughter has them, let alone ten of them. I’ve asked over and over why they don’t like tattoos and my question has NEVER been answered. It sometimes leads to a head shake, a sigh of disgust, or my favorite, another question about why I have them. Needless to say it’s really annoying and childish.

Because my parents refuse to give me a REAL answer about why they do not like tattoos I have been left to my imagination and process of elimination to figure out why. So here they go:

  1. RELIGION: My mother is a deacon in the church. She was called to be a disciple of God a few years back and has accepted the challenge. I’m very proud of all that she has accomplished and gained through this spiritual journey, but I sometimes feel that she takes the “word” and manipulates it to work in her favor and uses general blanket statements to try to prove a point. For example: I have heard things like “you won’t get into heaven with tattoos” and “God doesn’t like that”. Now I haven’t read to bible front to back and I’m not the first to preach but I think there are FAR worse things that will keep you out of heaven.
  2. COLOR COMPLEX: I really think my parents have a color complex. When I was younger and dating they were never happy about me bringing someone home that was darker than me. So how does this relate to tattoos? Well I’m considered “light skin” by most and I feel like my parents would prefer me to keep my skin clear of “imperfections” because it’s valued by society more than people with darker skin. So by me getting tattoos I’m bringing my “value” down. It sounds crazy to me and probably to you as well, but I really feel like this is apart of their thought process which is so so sad.
  3. IGNORANCE: My parents are not from here. They were born and raised in Jamaica and they have values and traditions that stem from there. Tattooing is not something that is apart of their vocabulary so I can understand why its foreign to them. But what I don’t understand is why they are so opposed to TRYING to understand it. Tattooing has evolved so much in the last 10 years alone. Its considered “ART” for crying out loud. My mom is the first person to pick up a book or do research online for everything except this and its ridiculous. If I had a child and they were into something I didn’t know about or understand you better believe I’m googling the shit out of it!!

I have a total of ten tattoos now and I plan on getting more. I hope that one day they will learn more about them before turning their noses up at it but until then I will continue to do what makes me happy… and that’s getting TATTED!

Don’t forget about the #giveaway!

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My Tattoo Discrimination


Hey! Hey! Hey!

So I’m doing another blog giveaway but this time I am partnering up with one of my best friends from high school who blogs over at Serai BodyWorks. When I started this blog I interviewed her about her new business and what it has to offers. Check it out here! We are both giving away separate items so please read the rules carefully so that you enter to win the item you want.

I’ll be giving away an iPhone 6 Gold Mirror Case from!

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Serai Bodyworks will be giving away two body scrubs.
One peppermint and one lavender!

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Giveaway Rules:

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Follow both of our Instagram accounts.
Serai Bodyworks

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.52.45 PMComment under my Instagram post telling me which item you want.

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Tag two friends along with your comment.

important info:

  • Giveaway is open to US participants only
  • Contest ends 4/2/15
  • Winner announced 4/3/15
  • Items will be shipped out to winners between 4/6 – 4/10
  • Any questions please email


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Tattoo Aftercare Essentials


As most of you know in January I started my half sleeve on my left arm. I’m happy to say that it is completely healed and looking good. I know I promised a photo of the finished product a while ago but I wanted to make sure it was 100% good and now it is.

In addition to showing you my finished and healed sleeve I wanted to share what products I used and for how long I used them. It’s important to know that the time frames I have listed below are what worked for me and for the size of my tattoo.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.12.21 PM

If you have a smaller tattoo the time frames may be shorter and if you have a larger tattoo it may be longer. Also keep in mind that if your tattoo has to be completed in two different sessions (weeks apart) then you would adjust which product to apply on the newer vs. older tattoo.


This is a complete 360 of my sleeve after the first session. My arm is super swollen here. There is no shading here only dot work and the outline. The inner flower and face is a customer design drawn up by the artist. The hamsa and lotus flower were found via the internet and the background work is all free hand. First session was 4 hours long.


This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. This is the completed sleeve. All the shading is done and on the back side of my arm a free hand sunflower design was added. This session happened 3 weeks after the first one and took about 2 1/2 hours. This took longer to heal because it had a lot of shading going on. It was actually the most uncomfortable tattoo experience of my life LOL.

If you have any tattoo questions for me leave them in the comments and I’ll respond back!

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Tattoo Aftercare Essentials

Out In 15min Or Less


I’m a morning person… once I’m out the door lol. Before that I guess you could say that I despise mornings. So to help start my day off right there are a few things I do the night before so that I can get up at the last-minute possible and still be on time for work.

  • Lay out my clothes. Literally the underwear, bra, socks, jeans and shirt. I don’t forget anything, even the shoes you want to wear. I don’t wear jewelry to work but if you do lay those out too!
  • Make sure everything you need in you bag is in your bag. Check for keys, debit and credit cards. There have been a few times I went out the night before and put my cards in my pants pocket and lost my mind the next morning looking for them before leaving for work.
  • Decide if your going to put on a full face of makeup or not. Get those items out and ready as well.
  • Can you do your hair the night before? Can you do half of the process the night before? Think about what you can do before hand so when you wake up it’s just a few steps of being complete. (I clearly don’t have this problem LOL)
  • Have your lunch packed and in your lunch box. Keep the entire thing in the fridge so all you have to do is pull it out. No making/ packing in the morning!

Hope these small tips help you get more sleep in the mornings
and out of the house in 15 min of less.

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Out In 15min Or Less

Review: My Vintage

I recently received a beautiful ear cuff in the mail from and I wanted to share it and some information about the company with you all.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.22.05 PM

IMG_4289 acquires authentic vintage jewelry at auctions which are then put through industry standard cleaning before it gets to its new home, with you. The company is based in the good ol’ US of A and can assure that they do not offer cheap overseas knock off items. That’s not even the best part, they offer ongoing sales and discounts for customers and free shipping on all items. You’re not into vintage jewelry? That’s ok, they carry modern jewelry too. Majority of the items sold on are between $10-$25 so you can look good on a budget. Check out their site and social media platforms!

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Ok, the fun stuff! This ear cuff is amazing. I have always wanted one but could never find one, until now. It was gifted to me but retails for $10.00 on the site. It’s light weight so it doesn’t feel like its dragging your ear down or like it will fall off. The backside has a normal earring piece and a clip at the top, so that it can securely hold it in place on your ear.


I can see this being paired with a black turtle neck to bring the focus right to the ear cuff. It can also be worn with a spaghetti strap top, but without a necklace. I think it would be too much going on. I especially like it because I have short hair so it’s an automatic statement piece.


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Review: The Girl on the Train

I have to start by saying READ THIS BOOK!


Where do I begin. I love mysteries and thrillers and I needed something to keep my attention while driving to and from work during the week. I saw this book posted in the “Best Sellers” section on and after reading the short blurb on it I was sold. This book was far from disappointing. It might actually be one of my favorite books now!

There are five main characters that are all connected by the death of one woman. The story is told from the point of views of the three women involved. Of course each woman tells a part of the story that the other doesn’t or leaves off from which makes it that much more engaging for the reader. It’s literally like play CLUE!

The story is filled with lies, cheating, confusion and love between all the main characters and extras. As you read the book you have no idea who did what or who to believe. The author does a great job at making you feel bad for some characters only to find out that you should have hated them all along.

I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn’t wait to get in my car just so I could hit play and hear what happens next. I even listened to it on my lunch break a few times instead of eating lunch, it’s that good! Please check this book out if you like the things I’ve listed above. You will not regret it. I promise!

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Review: The Girl on the Train

I’ve Been Eating Good Tho

Food Diary


















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Favorite Blogging Apps!

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Infuse Me

Infuse Me


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