Open Relationship = Evolution?

The other day I was watching YouTube and came across a video on open relationships. It got me interested because of the position they took on the topic which was: are open relationships becoming more and more popular with this generation? Personally I don’t think it is but I think it should be. Let me explain…

Day in and day out I scroll through multiple social media platforms and a common theme between them all revolves around relationships, being faithful, and cheating. A lot of people are concerned with how monogamous their partners really are. I see “serious” posts and “funny” posts on the topic, so when I came across this YouTube video I kind of thought “why aren’t more people trying open relationships?”Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.56.34 AM

Why not enter a relationship with clear guidelines on what can and cannot happen outside of the two of you? It just seems like no one now-a-days is faithful anyway. Just be upfront and ask for an open relationship. My girlfriend thinks it’s basically “cheating with permission” while I think it allows people to act on their feelings without hurting one another.FullSizeRender-6

Studies have shown that divorce rates are at an all time high. If more and more people try open relationships maybe we can lower those rates and bring back the “authenticity” of marriage and what it stands for. I just think its something to consider if you not looking for a long-term committed relationship. If your interested in someone and you’d like to continue seeing them BUT want to date here and there this is perfect. Sneaking around is too messy and ultimately you may end up loosing everyone.

 I’m not interested in an open relationship right now. I’m happy where I’m at. However if (god forbid) things don’t end with a ring on my finger and me and my girlfriend walking down the aisle, I’d try an open relationship, why not?

Would you try an open relationship?

Love j0

Review: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

It’s time to introduce something new to the blog: Product Review!! I’ll be sharing my experiences with items that range from beauty all they way to food. I’m very particular and opinionated so why not share that with you guys? Maybe you’ll think twice before getting something or run out to get it right away.

Ok so I have to discuss this new top coat I picked up about 3 weeks ago. It’s the REVLON – Quick Dry Top Coat and its f*cking amazing. I have used it twice now and have gotten a lot of positive feedback about how “nice” my nails look. This top coat give my nails the “gel manicure” look. It’s really shiny and (i think) it helps my polish last longer/ chip less.

IMG_3498I work with my hands a lot and because of this I usually only do gel manicures so that my nails will look decent for longer than 4 days. I have to take a break from gel every month to let my nails breath and then I go right back.

During my breaks I use regular polish but I’m always unhappy with how dull the finish product looks and how fast they chip but since I bought this new top coat I’ve been chillin’. It costs around $6-$8 but its worth every penny. I would try it if you normally wear regular polish and notice that it chips way too soon and or it doesn’t have much shine.

  • The formula is not thick or clumpy
  • It dries my nails in about 4 minutes
  • Has high gloss/ sheen
  • Keeps regular polish chip free for about 6 days

Love j0

Nature in a Box?

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.55.56 PM

I finally got my Nature Box!

(Back story): I signed up for Nature Box about a month ago and with becoming a new member you get a free trial box to see if you like it. Well my box never came. I waited patiently for about a week and a half. After that I called to turn up but they were so nice and provided great customer service so I didn’t! They sent me another box and restarted my free trial. I got the box this time and I’m really impressed thus far. I’ll do a follow-up review post on the items I received and what I’ll be requesting in my next box.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.54.45 PMIn this box I received:

  • one full size bag of Dark cocoa nom noms
  • one snack size garden tomato crunchies
  • one snack size cranberry medley
  • one snack size sea salt sun crunch
  • one snack size jalapeno cashews

Please try to ignore the box. Clearly USPS lost their damn mind while handling my package. I’ll be sending them a lovely complaint…

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-1

Do you subscribe to Nature Box?

Love j0

My Natural Hair Journey


Lets start from the beginning. My hair has only been treated and styled by family, specifically my aunt (a certified hairdresser), my mother, and later on down the road me. I have never had a perm or relaxer. My mother was opposed to adding any chemicals to my hair growing up so I knew nothing about straight hair until about 14 when she let me hot comb it now and then.


Around the age of 16-17 I began experimenting with colors. Because I never had chemicals in my hair it was extremely thick and healthy so I thought coloring it wouldn’t harm it much. I was careful and consulted my aunt before doing anything and my hair remained healthy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.32.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.53.37 PM

Right before entering college I decided to cut my hair into a pixie style just because. I wanted to try something new as I was entering a new phase in my life. I was going to be living on my own on a college campus and I wanted to do this with short hair. Why not? My mother was pissed about my decision (even though at the same age she too cut all her hair off) but I did it anyway. It was actually really funny because as soon as my hair was done she loved it… Go figure.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.34.57 PM

So I started college with a short hair style and let it grow out all over again. I experiment a lot more with color but this time my hair was stressed out from it. I become obsessed with blonde and we all know going blonde is harsh on black hair. For a few months I was blonde in the front and black in the back and then I decided to reverse the colors (for what reason I don’t know) but it didn’t make things any better. My hair never fell out or became thin but it did begin to lose its curl pattern.

IMG_5986 Photo 117 Photo 336


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.30.58 PM

At the end of 2011, literally the end, Dec. 30th I cut all my hair off again but this time to a caesar. I was really nervous because I was unsure of how it would look, how my head shape would look and if it would make me look more masculine. Every fear that I had about getting a caesar went right out the window once I looked into the mirror. It was shocking and overwhelming but good. At the time I didn’t think my sideburns were crazy but looking back they were. Since then I have gotten my life together lol.


Every person in the barbershop kept asking me why I was cutting off all that good hair, but when it was done they all couldn’t stop telling me how good the cut looked on me and that it was a good decision. My girlfriend couldn’t stop looking at me and pretty much became obsessed with my head after that lol. I felt like a new person with the cut, confident and at the same time vulnerable.


Since the end of 2011 I have kept up with keeping my hair at a low caesar. I go to the barber about every two weeks. I have played around with designs and color with the short hair and to be honest I’m more carefree about it because I cut it off every 14 days. I don’t have to worry about damaging my hair because I can easily start over.


I’m going 3 years strong with my caesar and I love it! I don’t regret it and I wouldn’t go back to long hair either. Well maybe never is too bold, I’m content for now and if I do grow my hair out again it will be years from now and most likely locs.


If there is anyone out there that is thinking about cutting their hair off – do it! What do you have to lose? Hair grows back and if yours takes some time buy a wig until it grows to the length you want. Now a days everyone wears a weave so don’t feel any type of way about it. If you’re not sure how you will look, pull all your hair into a tight pony tail and that will give you a better idea. Just make sure if you do cut it off its for you and nobody else. <3

Love j0